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Marc Sluszny is an extreme athlete, adventurer, coach, author and keynote speaker. An extraordinary man who has gained worldwide recognition thanks to his exceptional sports achievements in multiple disciplines. With courage, determination and focus he has pushed his physical and emotional strengths to the limit, enabling him to break several world records.

"It's not how good you are, only how good you want to be."

With more than 30 years of experience, Marc is determined to share his know-how with individuals and teams, to achieve, operate and redefine their goals. As a mental/motivational coach, he will teach you to apply the right mindset. This knowledge is not just a theory or a science, it's a way of life.

A masterful coach is a vision builder and a value shaper, who enters into the learning system of a person, business or social institution with the intent of improving and effectively implementing a development program and thus impacting people's ability to perform.

"What makes me different, is that I have lived it."

WHO:  I am a mental and motivational coach/ sports consultant and keynote speaker.

WHAT: I enable individuals and teams to achieve, operate and redefine their goals.
            ["The worlds best are trained."]

HOW: Focus / Engagement / Attitude / Resilience

My Experience

  • Davis Cup, 1982
  • World Championship Skysurfing, 1994
  • World Championship Powerboat Racing, 2009
  • BASE jumping
  • 24 hour endurance racing
  • World Championship 4-man Bobsleigh, 2010
  • Climbing the Annapurna, Nepal (8091 metres)
  • English Channel crossing (solo), 1988
  • Dive expedition to the HMHS Britannic (120 metres)
  • European Record Gliding: 40.000 ft above the Andes
  • Belgium Olympic Fencing Team, 2002



It's a training and development procedure via which individuals or teams are supported while achieving a specific personal or professional competence, result or goal.

Opportunities that will challenge and lift each individual to find answers from within him/herself based on their values, preferences and unique perspective.

It is a customized process that provides insights intended to accelerate results and effectiveness as a leader and so achieve a mutually identified set of goals to improve performance.

This method will help raise standards of achievement and stimulates self-awareness, that results in the motivation to change.

All courses can be conducted in English, Dutch and French.

"In order to grow you must first have the courage to introspect and understand who you are"

"This will be your Search for Excellence!"

Contact me to understand how a personalized coaching program will enable you to reach your goals.


How to live your dreams and achieve your goals.

All my life I have been leading expeditions and practicing extreme sports, but for the last several years I have focused on coaching both athletes and executive teams. My search has been to reach-out and pass on what i like to call " the right stuff " , the right mental attitude. I believe that everyone possesses an inner energy that will enable them to overcome their fears, live their dreams and achieve their goals.

Due to my unique background and experience, I have developed particular skills and have engaged myself to teach, motivate and inspire others. Everything I've done in my career has sprung from my desire to empower people and make a difference. Today i am coaching individuals with varied talents and abilities to reach their highest potential and so to gain understanding about themselves, others.

The topics i teach are among others:
#1 'The right stuff' - The right mental Attitude
#2 True Engagement - How bad do I want it?
#3 Learn how to effectively Focus.
#4 Resilience. - Never give up until you have achieved your maximal potential.
#5 Leadership - Lead by example
#6 Emotional control - how to control ones fears

"By helping us and finding the ability to work together as a real team, we achieved our goals" - Sony Corporation

"Our journey together was one of inspirations and learnings" - Johnnie Walker Campaign

"If ones actions inspires other to dream more, learn more and grow more, one becomes a leader. Thank you Marc!"- Cargill Belgium

"Thank you for showing us the way, you have inspired us to reach higher highs"- BASF Ludwigshaven

"With your insight and your mental coaching, we have personally experienced major breakthroughs."- Team USA

Keynote Speaker

All speeches can be conducted in English, Dutch and French.

Sponsors, Campaigns & References

Cronos/ UCB/ Xebia/ Grunenthal/ Boskalis/ ING/ Amex/ Wingate
Cisco/ MSD/ ABN/ Sony/ USG/ Manitou Group


  • Samsung World Record Vertical Run
  • Samsung World Record Vertical Run
  • Samsung World Record Vertical Run
  • Divewise
  • Divewise
  • Divewise
  • Timberland
  • Timberland
  • Timberland
                                           GIANT FOR JOHNNIE WALKER
  • Johnnie Walker
  • Johnnie Walker
  • Johnnie Walker
                                                                  HAND IN HAND
  • Hand in Hand
  • Hand in Hand
  • Hand in Hand
                                                        PEAK PERFORMANCE
  • Peak Performance
  • Peak Performance
  • Peak Performance
                                                        MUMM CHAMPAGNE
  • Mumm Champagne
  • Mumm Champagne
  • Mumm Champagne

Contact me

Please don't hesitate to contact me.
Fear less, Limite less and Achieve more


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